About Dr. Mark Ellis

Dr. Mark Ellis teaches graduate and doctoral students with subjects in law, business and organizational leadership. As a doctorate-level professor and dissertation chair, he also serves Ed.D. and Ph.D. students who are earning their doctoral degree and moving into the dissertation phase. He enjoys classroom interaction with his students who are pursuing a graduate level degree.

As a graduate of Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Dr. Ellis has also authored articles and publications designed to help first year law students succeed in law school and go beyond mere survival mode. His area of expertise extends to the Ph.D. level assisting doctoral learners focus their dissertation topic and align with their proposed methodology. Dr Ellis has an earned Ph.D. in Organization and Management with Leadership Specialization.

Dr. Ellis is an active member of a major martial arts organization and has over 20 years of  martial arts training and competition experience. Dr. Ellis holds the rank of second-degree black belt.


-Ph.D. level research and statistical data design and various methodologies.–Teaching and coaching MBAs–Contributing to various fields of research such as Transformational Leadership Studies, Organizational Performance and Improvement, Business Torts and Contract Law.



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